General ordering information.

To place an order or to get the price list, please contact us by email.


Ordering process

  1. After you confirm an order, we prepare a calculation including shipping costs, time estimation and send it back to you.
  2. After your acceptance, we send you an invoice.
  3. After payment, we start production or send immediately in case the product is available.


We ship to all European Union countries via courier company. The calculation depends on many factors and is made after placing an order for specific products.

Other necessary information

To complete the order and issue a VAT invoice, we need:

  1. Code, name and type of product and its quantity
    (eg. ML1000 Lentinula edodes, grain spawn 30 x 5000ml)
  2. Your name
  3. Delivery address
  4. Contact phone number for the courier
  5. Company name *
  6. Company address *
  7. VAT ID *

* Enter if you want the VAT invoice to be issued for company data